Distinguished Professor Dr. David Farber, History Department, University of Kansas

Dr. David Farber Talks to Lawrence Central Rotary on the rise of Trumpism

Donald Trump is like no other American President according to Distinguished Professor Dr. David Farber, History Department, University of Kansas.  Dr. Farber earned his advanced degrees from the University of Chicago and has written extensively on politics, social change and business in modern America.  He began with identifying the formula that propelled Donald Trump to a victory in the Republican Primary and electoral success in the Presidential election.  He noted that a primary has a smaller pool of voters, therefore, huge numbers are not necessary for success.  Donald Trump built his own unique brand that appealed to white ethnic nationalism.  He used Birtherism, the belief that President Barack Obama was not born in America and might not be a Christian, to appeal to people inclined to be angry ethnic nationalists.

Dr. Farber noted that polls indicated that 72% of Republican Primary voters believed the Birther arguments.  Donald Trump gambled that free trade and immigration would work with primary voters.  He used demagogue like techniques and arguments and won a surprising victory over the established leaders of the party.  He won approximately 50% of primary voters and once the choice came down to two Presidential candidates, the establishment Republicans “came home” and voted for Donald Trump. He also earned enough support from independent voters, primarily white males in key states, to win the Presidency.  Dr. Farber noted that the Clinton Campaign underestimated support from union members, Blacks and Hispanics and that contributed to her loss.  Regarding Donald Trump’s performance so far, Dr. Farber maintains that we have never had a President who knows so little about power and governing.