Doveton shows the London map of Monopoly locations

John Doveton, retired from the Kansas Geological Survey, has developed a reputation for his diverse and quirky expertise.  When he visited Lawrence Central Rotary recently, he has a secret to share.

Doveton explained that people in the English-speaking world outside of the United States play a version of the board game Monopoly that uses place names of locations in London.  The American version uses places found in Atlantic City.

The graphics and color scheme on the English game board are the same as the United States version, but the properties have different names.  For example, the familiar upscale properties called “Boardwalk” and “Park Place” in the American version of the game are called “Mayfair” and “Park Lane” in the London version.  The railroads include “Kings Cross,” not “Reading.”

Doveton suggests that the next time people travel to London, they seek out the landmarks of Monopoly London.  Trekking to find them will lead to explorations in parts of the city that traditional tourists miss.  And the curious can uncover interesting historical tidbits.  For example, the US Liberty Bell was cast by a foundry near Whitechapel Road, a place name found on the game board.