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Over 100+ brave the heat for 2019 Community Bike Ride

It had been a scorching week, but after discussions with the organizers and the forecast that said we’d start with a temp of 80 degrees and be done before the mercury broke 90 we forged ahead.

We were able to use the new shelter at the Lawrence Rotary Arboretum which allowed more space in the tent to fit people with new helmets.

Thank you to our sponsors and everyone who came out to ride and volunteer.  

The team from Matty D Media was onsite and put together this video of the event (more coming soon)!

We also got some great photos of the event check them out below.  If you took any pictures you’d like to share email them to: or post them to our facebook page at 


Lawrence’s 2019 Community Bike Ride Set for July 20th

The 2019 Community Bike Ride is set for July 20th.  We’ll again be at Lawrence’s Rotary Arboretum at 27th and Waukarusa.

This year we have 4 rides planned for folks of all ages and experience.

  • 4 Miles – 9:30 am – Sanders Mound
  • 6/8 Miles – 9:00 am-  K-10 Trail
  • 12 Miles – 8:30 am – I-70 Turnaround
  • 22 Miles – 8:00 am –  Lawrence Loop

We are excited to again to be sponsoring free helmets, safety vest, and other exciting goodies (while supplies last).

After a trial run last year, we will again be partnering with Lawrence’s bike share company VeoRide who will offer FREE bikes for use during the event if it is too difficult for you to get a bike to the Arboretum. You just need to register before 7/18 at

All of this is made possible by volunteers from Lawrence Central Rotary and some fine local sponsors who love supporting getting outdoors and being active. 

You are also welcome to join the ride after-party at S&S Artisan Pub and Coffee House at 2228 Iowa Street between 12 and 2pm.

We will have releases on-site for attendees to sign when checking in, but you can also download one here to fill out and bring if you like.

See you on July 20th!

Updated Ride Maps!

We’ve had some requests for maps so we’ve put this together for you. If you’d like to download a pdf of one use this link.

Artificial Intelligence: What Does it Mean to be Human

Dave Mannering | Lawrence Central RotaryThe news is full of stores about artificial intelligence (AI) including self-driving cars and even facial recognition technology and its ethical application.  AI is also the subject of speculative science fiction and futuristic tracts.  Is the end of humanity at hand?  David Mannering provided a short history of AI and its potential to serve us.  Mannering’s background includes graduate study at KU, forty years of working in IT including service of fifteen years as chief information officer.  He also worked for the State of Kansas Department of Revenue and taught programming and information systems management.

Mannering began with Alan Turing, a British mathematician, who developed a theory of computation while working on government security projects in World War ll.  He developed a binary system of communication that made machine driven computation possible.  Computing science and the idea of AI had to overcome huge obstacles in the early years.  In 1997 an IBM computer named Deep Blue defeated the reigning world chess champion.  Mannering stated this was not really AI at work but sophisticated programming.  True AI involves learning and not just the retrieval of information.  Still, Deep Blue got the world’s attention. 

Ray Kurzweil captured the moment with his nonfiction work “The Singularity is Near” and we have been talking about what it means to be human ever since.  Is Mannering worried about where AI is headed?  He replied he would not lose sleep over AI as we have the power to determine its use.  Let us hope for responsible utilization of this amazing technology.

Lawrence Central Named 2019 District 5710 Club of the Year!

Lawrence Central Rotary named District 5710 Small Club of the Year!

Thanks to Rotary5710 District Governor Blanche Parks for recognizing our fine club this year at the Annual District Conference!!

What an honor to recognize our hardworking members and ongoing projects, including the Lawrence Community Bike Ride, Ride Lawrence, and the Lawrence Kids Calendar!!

It takes MANY people and MANY years to make a “Club of the Year”!

Our club is a team AND a family – want to join us? Join us for lunch Wednesdays at noon at the Eldridge Hotel!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Just a reminder we are not meeting this Wednesday, November 21st, 2018.

Below is the link for our annual wreath sale! Please forward to family and friends, 20% of sales come back to our club to help fund the community projects we do as a club.

The link to order this year is:

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